Drought in the UK – this is how we do irony.

20 million people in the UK are under a drought order. We are banned from using hosepipes and have to share baths (might be making up the last bit, but that was actually advised by the Government back in 1976 when we had a big drought). And this time around its set to last until Christmas, apparently.

So what does a drought look like in Britian? Well it looks like this:

Yes its been raining solidly for about a week. The problem is all the water is escaping through broken pipes that were built in the Victorian Age. My water bill is £250 a year. And I ask myself, what for? Where is this money going? Right down the drain!

This video doesn’t exist

Happy days. I thought I’d share this little trip back home from work. It took ages to post this clip to show you how dry and dusty our drought-stricken island is.

BTW – to post this clip first I upgraded my WordPress account so I could post videos. Then I had to buy Quicktime Pro so the video would play properly. And all I’ve got to show for it is a 30 second video of it pouring with rain in South London during the rush hour. And it doesn’t even look like a rush does it?

Expect more videos. I’ll try to make them more ‘interesting’. And lets have some traumatic commuting stories – lets face it we spend enough time going to and fro from home to work and back again!

44 thoughts on “Drought in the UK – this is how we do irony.

  1. A drought in Texas where I live means NO RAIN for 1-1/2 years, cattle moving out of state to find water, huge brushfires scaring the daylights out of us. Only in the last few weeks have we received rain, and the ponds and lakes are almost full again.

  2. I love making videos! Yours turned out awesome with that music.. and it felt like I was driving alongside you guys! (I assume two since someone had to be driving?:) I used a Mac and Movie Maker.. share allows me to videos to my desk top in a variety of formats.. I usually post two a High Res for computers and a smaller format for people with Ipads and phones… Good luck with this!

    • No just me – the phone is attached to a clip on the dashboard. I like the movie idea for blogs but they have to be quick otherwise they can get a bit boring! At least I think they do

  3. Yup, here in California we often find ourselves in drought conditions, seriously, with no water involved. We ship our Northern California bounty to Southern California where the rich and famous use it to lavish their rich and famous lawns and pocket poodles. However, if they actually used some tax dollars for reservoirs to catch the adipose water that insists on flowing down from the heavens, maybe we wouldn’t have to send our water south. Great video btw. 🙂

    • When I think that the UK is an island that gets hit by weather from the North Atlantic its amazing we can get in this situation. We have no way of transfering water from the west (which is wet) to the east (which is drier) and we are just basically sitting here hoping it will all be okay in the end (with a nice cup of tea)

  4. I’m sorry but that’s a very pathetic rush hour. Coming out of Boston (Boston Bruins hockey game…sigh) last night at midnight we hit a 2 mile backup – yes midnight – on the turnpike due to 4 guys & a highway truck ‘working’.
    Love your humo(u)r and your blog & for that reason I am passing along the Kreativ Blogger award to you. Got to reward you to keep you posting & I really look forward to more.

    • Thanks very much! I remember driving into Downtown Chicago in a cab and hitting a three mile tailback on a Friday night. It occured to me that in London the traffic would be going the other way – that is out of town. The cab driver explained that people live in the middle of the city and all head home on a Friday – kind of weird wanting to get into the middle of a city. But when I got there I understood why – it is an amazing place!

  5. Posting from the U.S. – EEUU to some (Estatdos Estados Unidos Unidos), I occasionally slip in British spelling, but only my Yankee centric spellchecker seems to notice or care. Some drought you’ve got there. Funny spelling that word, drought – why isn’t it drout? BTW, nice background music in the vid. Cheers!

  6. I can’t believe that your water bill is £250 a year! That sounds insane! Like you live in Abu Dhabi instead of GB!

    I can imagine that a lot of water is lost getting from its source to its destination. We have the same problem in the US except our pipes are about a 100 years younger.

    Makes you wonder, when there is so much talk about how there are not enough jobs, why don’t people seem to think seriously about rebuilding crumbling infrastructure as a wise investment.

    • Every now and then we refer to our country as ‘Rip off Britain’. Petrol (i.e. Gas – there’s another linugual difference) costs the equivalent of $10 a gallon. But thats okay its a small country and you never have to drive too far anyway.

  7. The drought and the video are interesting, but what’s really got my attention is the spelling issue. Don’t give up on those ‘u’s! Keep giving us your colourful humour! And, since I’m Canadian, I’ll throw in an ‘eh’ as in, Keep giving us your colourful humour, eh!

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