Holiday Hangover Help

Picture this. It’s 9.00am, 28th December. No idea what happened to the 26th or 27th. Kids have gone feral. You lurch from the bed to the kitchen. You spy a small yellow book under a pile of Christmas gifts, on the kitchen table:

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Penny Lane Fish Pie

‘Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
Four of fish and finger pies
In summer, meanwhile back…’

So sang Sir Paul McCartney way back when. Here is a recipe that has little to do with the B-side to ‘Strawberry Fields’ but it went down a storm at our house.

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Coq au vin – Flambe!

Love French food – except snails. For this creation – Coq au Vin (that’s chicken in wine) – I followed a recipe from our friends the Hairy Bikers (two fellows who are further away from the French than King Harold – you know, the guy that caught an arrow in the eye). But I didn’t read the ‘method’ beforehand, and there was surprise in store…

The carrot never made it…

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Advertising in the Good Old Days

As someone who has spent many glorious years in the marketing profession I have learned much from the masters of yesteryear. However some advertising is probably best left forgotten…but what the hell lets drag it all out into the open once again:

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The Adventurous Eater Makes Vintage Cookies

In our family there are two children. One won’t touch anything that he can’t identify – the fussy eater. The other, older one, is getting more curious about food. He’s the adventurous eater. Here he gives a master class in preparing ‘Vintage Cookies’. It’s got chocolate and fudge and…I’ll let him explain…

Hopefully he’ll keep this going. It’ll help me out; I’m running out of ideas…