What to feed the kids when they’re doing your head in.

Arsenic. Not really. Only joking. How about something that is filling, reasonably nutritious and delicious on a wintry night? Its got to be baked potatoes with bacon, beans and cheese. (Don’t forget to omit bacon for vegetarian household members).

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Crispy Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce

Here’s a dish that takes me back to my time in the Orient. Actually I’ve never been but if I had I’m sure it would. In China they can turn a duck into a multi-course banquet. Every bit is used (and I mean every bit). In this version we are a little more conservative.

Traditionally the duck is hung (not alive) in a dry, cool, drafty place. My wife, being vegetarian, didn’t fancy the idea of bathing with a dead duck in the bathroom (actually I never broached the idea). So I followed Jamie Oliver’s quick and dirty method. (Or you can try the vegetarian version here).

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London Eateries You Might Want To Miss

One of the things I have learned from reading blogs on WordPress is the high regard people have for London – the ‘Greatest City in the World’. We’ve got it all – culture, history, wealth…did I mention cuisine?

Everyone knows we have the best restaurants in the world – Nobu, The Ivy, The Grill at The Dorchester. All good and great for tourists. But what does the real London offer? Where do the locals go after 10 pints of ‘Aunty Stella’?

Lets take a look…

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Around the World in 80 Beers

A small debate almost erupted on this blog the other day about PBRs. It quickly fizzled out (i.e. it never got going) but it got me thinking about the relative merits of beers from around the world. So I am embarking on a beer odyssey. Here is the first instalment. We visit The States, Britain and Japan:

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