The Injustice of Modern Life

10 years. I’ve been driving for 10 years along the same bloody road to the same bloody office and back again. And in all that time I’ve never once, not once, complained about the arse-wipe thought police that see the solution to traffic congestion as being to make things even more difficult for the motorist.

I can imagine traffic planning meetings as being like something from the crisis meeting room in that Dr. Strangelove film with Peter Sellers….


It’s happened – I’ve gone mad with power!!!

‘Right ladies and gentlemen, the traffic situation is becoming worse. Too many people trying to get to work and go shopping. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!’


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Drought in the UK – this is how we do irony.

20 million people in the UK are under a drought order. We are banned from using hosepipes and have to share baths (might be making up the last bit, but that was actually advised by the Government back in 1976 when we had a big drought). And this time around its set to last until Christmas, apparently.

So what does a drought look like in Britian? Well it looks like this:

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The Continuing Adventures of License Plate Anomolies

Some readers of Happiness Stan Lives Here may already know about our predilection for private number plates (in the UK you can have a Government-issued plate – booooring!) or you can pay out huge sums and have a made-up one. When we spot one, we blog it.

This is the best to date:

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