Roasted Vegetable Soup with Mushroom & Cheese Toasts

Seeing how it’s blasting down outside I thought we’d do something seasonal. Actually just pausing on that a second, how come the weather was so reluctant to accept the arrival of Summer a few months back but has been more than happy to slip straight into Autumn?

It’s because England is stuck on the edge of the Atlantic and there’s lots of water around. Also we tend to get the back-end of America’s hurricanes – typical, even our weather is just the left-overs from somewhere else!

Anyway this soup comes with lots of certificates of healthiness so I decided to ruin that by serving it with olive oil-drenched toast filled with cheese and creamy mushrooms.

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Lamb Pittas with Mint Yoghurt Sauce

The children were demanding burgers. But I am sick of making burgers and as I try not to repeat myself on this blog I thought we’d compromise. They could have burgers. But made with lamb rather than beef.

It can be quite hard to think of new things to make that are interesting enough to blog about and also edible enough that it doesn’t all go straight in the bin. Lamb Pittas are quite good as party food and different enough to qualify for bloggage.

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Chocolate Mousse with Double-dipped Mega Truffle

Isn’t chocolate a wonderful thing? I could start some rambling eulogy to its powers but instead I will just get right down to business – the creation of a boozy chocolate mousse and some accompanying chocolate truffles.

The diet coke is not required. And what’s the cherry liquer doing there – that bottle seems to be in everything we do on this blog

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International Jet-Setting Cuisine

For those who commute in the 21st Century food is obviously of interest. For the British we have our beloved cheese and pickle sandwich served up by ‘British Rail’ (if you’re over 40 you’ll know what I mean). For the modern business person, commercial travel might well mean flying.

And that opens up a whole new world of business, cultural and inter-personal etiquette that leaves you exposed to a pandora’s box of surprises. Take in-flight meals for example.  Horror awaits the poor traveller who isn’t prepared:

What is that thing on the right?

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