I’ve got 99 problems but breakfast isn’t one of them

Morning! How is it for you? Have you woken up fresh and ready for the day of rest? Of course you have.

Or maybe not. Maybe you have a stinking hangover. Maybe you overdid it at a leaving do at work on Friday and you’re still regretting it 48 hours later. Maybe.

Well…get over it. If you feel like two feet away from death as you open your eyes, wonder why your mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage/pram (for those innocents out there that means ‘all shit and biscuits’) and hope that the man with the scythe will take you now and get it over with, you need a breakfast that will revive.

But you need to take the vegetarian into account so bacon is not an option.

So we went for a simple breakfast solution: cheesy croissants. Its so simple even a blind drunk with a hangover from hell could handle it. And handle it I did. All I needed was croissants, tomatoes, grated cheese and some mayo to serve!

I stuffed the croissants with the cheese and sliced tomatoes and put them in the oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese was melting:

Then we chomped through these beauties with some steaming hot tea! BTW steaming hot tea is the orginal Calpol – it soothes away all God’s problems, and then some. Merry Sunday people!

Get your post-wasted breakfast on!

20 thoughts on “I’ve got 99 problems but breakfast isn’t one of them

  1. Now that’s what I call breakfast! And I’m relieved you weren’t whipping up the croissants themselves as if it were as easy as rolling out of bed. That would just make me feel way too inadequate. : ) Thanks for the *like* of my post. I’m enjoying your lovely blog. Happy Sunday!

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