The Vegetarian and the Carnivore

My culinary adventures (for they are many and varied) twist and turn between the needs of me (a complete meat freak) and my wife (a vegetarian with pescatarian tendancies). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

Anyway, where possible I try to recreate vegetarian versions of meaty creations. Here I tried a Vegetarian Cobbler. I thought I had already done a beef version on this blog but I can’t find it so I guess that will be a follow up. This veggie version is so wholesome and nutritious its like Mother Teresa got together with the Virgin Mary, invited Florence Nightingale round and they decided this was the best thing to bring to a Pot Luck Party.

The red wine has no place in the ingredients and yet its essential to the creation process

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Lamb Curry Straight Up, No Messing

So its been nearly 4 weeks without a kitchen. Living off take-aways, ready meals and all sorts of rubbish. But before we lost our hob (feels like forever) I trawled the cupboards for spices and herbs to create a curry.

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