Lamb Boulangere

I purchased a new device recently. A mandoline. Not a mandolin, that’s like a weird guitar. No this is a mandoline. It’s a slicing device. And in the wrong hands it could take a finger off. Fortunately it’s in the hands of Happiness Stan so nothing will ever go wrong. Ever.

The great thing about a mandoline is that you can slice things quite thin, but, more importantly, evenly. All nice and neat. Which is what I needed for Lamb Boulangere


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How Lamb Kofta Kebabs Helped Me Get Over

Rant time. It’s been a while. Do any of you shop on Amazon?

Is the Pope Catholic, I hear you think.

Or does a bear, so the saying goes, shit in the woods?

Well, my take on Amazon is that it’s great. Until it’s not.

I know many bloggers do not watch TV. But I do. Love TV. Sat through 180 episodes of ‘Lost’*. Watched all of Star Trek.

So when Amazon started ‘streaming’ (what a great word that is) TV and films from it’s website I said to myself ‘I’ll have me some of that!.

Now American TV is the best. A series on American TV goes on for ever. Episode after epidode. Not like British TV. Four episodes of ‘Sherlock’ and that’s it for a year. With American TV you got 24 episodes of ‘24’ (canny that) and it seems to take over your (some might say sad) life.

So I settled in to watch a TV show called ‘Once Upon a Time’. The premise is simple. Fairytale characters (you know, Snow White, Hanzel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood etc) get transported to the real world by the Wicked Queen and live in a small town in Maine, unaware of who they really are until someone comes along and messes with their heads.

And I was getting into it. Episode 10 (of about 40). Then suddenly Amazon tells me I will have to start paying extra for it. Well that got me on the customer complaints page quicker than you can say ‘Rip off’.

I got an automated reply ‘We love you and we are totally committed to everything…but tough luck buddy’.

So I cancelled my subscription. And tried Netflix. Which of course doesn’t have ‘Once Upon a Time’. But I showed Amazon. Amazon is quaking in it’s boots. Right now.

*turned out they were all dead after all.

And so I turned off the TV and went and did something less boring instead (I’m paraphrasing an old children’s TV show; see? TV on the brain) by making Lamb Koftas with Cheesy Stuffed Potatoes.


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Lamb Parmentier

Ooooh I’m so busy! Look at my Outlook calender – I can’t possibly meet you until next Wednesday…I’m in demand. People need me!

What am I going on about? Work. People at work who define their importance/brilliance/superiority by the number of meetings they have booked into their ‘diaries’ (in the UK we call them diaries – everywhere else its a calender).

Frankly it gets on my tits (which, BTW, are slowly evaporating as I am on yet another diet). I mean I don’t give a shit how many meetings you have, you still don’t deliver the goods and I need that Powerpoint presentation NOW!).

Anyway I am busy. Lots to do. Deals to make. Presentations to present. And I also need to prepare family-friendly fare that will be eaten at home and not shoved round the plate like the last stale custard cream on the plate at a particularly tedious strategy meeting.

So I decided to try out the French version of Shepherd’s Pie – Lamb Parmentier. It’s so easy – lamb, potatoes, stock. Period.


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Lamb Sampler

It’s Spring! No really, it really is. Mind you sitting here right now in conditions that can only be described as ‘shite’, I’m wondering whether spring has already given up, summer won’t bother (again) and we’ll just go straight into autumn.

Nevertheless, in a desperate attempt to remain optimistic I decided to do something seasonal – lamb! However I wasn’t really in the mood for a big plate of meat and vegetables so I decided to do a taster plate.

Little samplers of lamb served with various sauce/condiment creations. I started with a leg of lamb and a lamb fillet and took it from there…


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Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine with Honey Roast Parsnip and Parmesan Puree

As I sit here in a smug ‘I-never-buy-prepackaged-minced-meat’ glow of hubristic self-satisfaction I remind myself of the numerous times I’ve gleefully chowed down on a Big Mac.

Or that time I noticed strange holes and watery bits in the ‘chicken’ in my ‘chicken korma’, which turned out to be injection holes used to plump the meat with brine before shipping from the continent to the wholesalers in south London.

Or the time we found a slug in the prepackaged salad. Or the eyeball in the salmon mousse. Alright the last one is a joke. Haha.

Anyway we nearly always eat Quorn mince in this house so unless they are sticking dogs and cats in that then we feel pretty safe with our lasagne.

And that brings me to my point. Which I don’t have, as regular readers will already be aware. (They just want to see whether I cocked up the cooking in this post). So here is a (not so) quick, easy and delicious Sunday dinner solution – lamb shanks, which I’ve done before but I didn’t like the photo; you couldn’t see the lamb in that one.


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