This is a blog about everyday life in the suburbs of South London, or North Surrey, depending on your preference.

It mixes the mundane with the extraordinary, and, when there is absolutely nothing interesting going on, highlights weird and wonderful things that are happening somewhere else.

Happiness Stan

For anyone wondering who Happiness Stan is, watch this:

170 thoughts on “About

    • Yes I’m good – I think I have lost my food blogging mojo. That and I need to upgrade my storage which I am loathe to do as i am already paying $99 to have a premium site. I may restart and do a different blog…i prefer your approach, more like a food diary. Maybe i will do that

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  2. I nominated your blog for a few awards (looks like a lot of other people agree!) Check it out here: http://thehappyhealthfreak.com/2013/04/21/an-award-pour-moi/

    You don’t have to do anything if you choose, but sit back and bask in the glory, but if you like, you can write a post that links back to mine: http://www.thehappyhealthfreak.com and post the ‘badges’ — either in a post or in your sidebar. And nominate a few blogs you like too!

    I really enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’ve really enjoyed looking around your blog this afternoon…very fun and easy to read!

    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for looking at my blog. I was shocked when I saw someone had read something and liked it. Your blog looks great and I look forward to reading more of it.

  5. Hey, thanks for dropping by and liking my post on Moroccan Beef Stew. I love your blog and I love that you put humour in your posts. They’re fun to read. I am already a fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the โ€œInspiring Blog Awardโ€ and โ€œOne Lovely Blog Award.โ€ There are a few rules to this nomination (these arenโ€™t my rules, so do what you wantโ€ฆno pressure) you need to give a shout out to me, of course, tell us 7 things about yourself and then nominate 15 bloggers, thatโ€™s the tricky part, if you donโ€™t have 15, donโ€™t worry, just pass it on to someoneโ€ฆ.share the joy by following this link http://changeforbetterme.wordpress.com

    If you have all ready been nominated my apologies and pass it on anyway! We all love to be recognized for our work. Enjoy!

  7. Hi Stan!

    My name is Sue, and found one your recipes thru WordPress – it captured my interest! I’m from SlimKicker (a healthy living/fitness app), and was wondering if we can do a giveaway for your blog readers?

    Our site basically turns people’s health/fitness goals into a level up game with challenges such as quitting soda for a week. We’re looking for new challenge ideas, so was thinking of holding a contest where your readers leave a comment on a health challenge idea, and we’ll pick our favorite challenge idea, use it on our site, and give the winner either a free digital health scale, slow cooker, or digital heart monitor.

    Let me know if you’re interested by email: sue (at) slimkicker.com

    PS. You can choose not to publish this comment since it’s not really a comment =)


  8. Just wanted to say a belated thank you for stopping by my food blog and liking the charcoal-grilled sugared ham. It is really a tasty recipe with only a few ingredients needed. I hope you try it sometime and let me know how it turns out.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and liking the eggplant. Hope you’ll come by and visit and check out some of the other recipes and my post My Hovercraft is full of eels.. I think it will give you a giggle. Cheers on the nomination as well!

  10. Ummm,
    I was writing to say I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award, but I see someone just beat me to it. I just read a blog where someone accepted it from 2 people simultaneously. It read something like, “Thanks to Christina and the sweet kitten for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. etc, etc.” I hope you’ll accept my nomination as well! Best of luck to you whether or not you do. Your blog makes me smile.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m a beginner but lovin it! Your blog looks interesting and vibrant! Keep up the good work!!

  12. Hi there, thank you for checking out my blog on the fettuccine with beef & peppers. Unfourtunlty whille I was trying to do something I deleted the post and your view…I haven’t quit got this blog thing down yet. Its nice to know people are looking at my blog. I also like your blog, I look foreward to viewing more of your blog in the future. Thanks again!

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  14. Hi Happiness Stan (I think you should use that name, the whole thing, when you go to Starbucks, BTW!), thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve read some of your posts and enjoy them–smart, to the point, interesting. Woooo!

  15. Thank for the “Like” @ lizascooking.wordpress.com
    I also love your blog…love reading it and looking forward to reading some more of your entries.

  16. thanks for liking mine! Blimey, if you’re in south London/north Surrey you can’t be a million miles from me. Do check back to read my ongoing posts about 25 Things to do in a Dull Town at Lunchtime, which is set in a Dull Town not a million miles from south London/north Surrey!

  17. LLOOOLLL! I honestly tried to understand the ‘KIng’ in your embedded video, I do believe he was speaking English, but your English, not my English, and I could only get maybe every other word! I really wanted to know what Happiness Stan was . . . the band?

    • Happiness Stan is a character from a 1960s album called ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’ by the Small Faces. The guy doing the weird talking was famous back then for talking weird crap and he was on telly just for that reason. The album and the story behind it was very popular (and still is) for all the stoners out there (obviously not me)

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a “like.” I made the mistake of visiting your blog on an empty stomach, so now I have to stop and eat lunch! –John

    P.S. Love that striking and ever-changing banner.

  19. Hi, wanted to say thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!! We are new to blogging so it’s fun when someone “Likes” something we’ve written!!

    We hope you’ll drop in to our “Kitchen” from time to time to see what’s cooking!!

    We’ll be following you’re adventures!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loooking forward to read you posts about your life in London! I’ve always wanted to visit there someday!

  21. Hi Stan,
    I am all my working life in Advertising (over 30 years). I am enjoying the blog conversations.
    Christmas Eve tomorrow here. We are not cooking the traditional. We never do. On Christmas Day, we will cook roast rib of beef, Yorkshire puddings, potatoes and roast winter vegetables. We will have smoked salmon and home made brown bread to start. A meringue cake with raspberries to finish. There will be no photos or posts. It is a family time. Wishing you a happy Christmas and all the best in 2011.

  22. I am LOVING how ecletic your posts are- very FUN! However, and maybe it’s because I’m from California and missing a very obvious British-ism… even with the old man telling Happiness Stan’s story and the Small Faces I’m still unclear on the whole “About” page. Perhaps I’ll have a couple glasses of wine, watch again and see if enlightenment occurs.

    • I guess wine would help – it certainly helps me write these posts. I started this blog without any idea where it would go. And its gravitated toward food – interspersed with everyday observations. Happinessstan is a random name I thought up because I tried about 100 others but they were all taken!! (And I love Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake – the album the character comes from).

  23. Thanks for liking my post on Bruschetta:The most delicious way to eat fresh tomatoes. I get excited knowing there are people checking my blog halfway across the globe.

    Your blog is a good read. I’m your new follower.


  24. Thanks for checking out my Lion’s Head meatballs post. Happy to know that folks are following. Glad to know you’re finding the smiles in everyday life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hello!! Thank you so much for liking my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am absolutely LOVING your blog … which has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that we’re both British … ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am subscribing right now and can’t wait for your next post! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Thanks for the liking my blog! It really made my day! I’m new to this whole blogging world and so I’m excited to find that people are reading my blog and liking it too!

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