Slow Cooked Pork Pot Roast

Slow cooking meat seems to be the fashion at the moment so I have been trawling the meat counters of Surrey looking for things to stick in my Le Creuset. This time round I found a rack of pork chops which hadn’t been cut up and decided to create something interesting from scratch:

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A Day Out for Foodies

For my 30th (40th) birthday (ha!ha! – it’s funny how the older you get the funnier the jokes about how old you aren’t getting, get, right?) my wife took me to the BBC Good Food Show in our great second city, Birmingham. Here’s a short clip of us arriving in Birmingham on a lovely summer’s day in the UK. It reminds me of Atlanta. I went there once and it did this.

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Eton Mess – Old School Desserts

Yes Eton is an old school. It’s where our politicians and captains of industry originate. Kind of like they are conceived there. Maybe they hatch or something.

Anyway brilliant young minds need to be fed The Nectar of the Gods, but seeing how that stuff is always in short supply the school came up with Eton Mess; its simple, and delicious, unlike the England football team which, although simple, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste – an aftertaste of miserable failure:

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Work – a No Brainer?

In my naive youth I always thought that in the world of work everyone in Asia worked because they were scared not to, Europeans (including the UK) only worked because there wasn’t anything else to do, and Americans worked because they loved it so much.

Of course age and experience has changed my world view. I now realise that you can find cynical Americans. There are hard working people in Spain, Greece and East London. And people in Asia do think independently.

And then as I passed a random desk today I spotted this motivational postcard:

It made me think perhaps we are in fact all the same. I mean we all know success is in no way correlated to ability, skill or intelligence right?

As for changing world views, not sure about the British. All we seem to have done over the years is downsize en mass.