Random Street Entertainment

Is the increase in so-called street entertainment a desperate ploy by high street retailers to attract people out of their homes to spend money? Probably not but there some increasingly weird street artists around at the moment. Take this chap, sitting on air:

sitting man

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Drought in the UK – this is how we do irony.

20 million people in the UK are under a drought order. We are banned from using hosepipes and have to share baths (might be making up the last bit, but that was actually advised by the Government back in 1976 when we had a big drought). And this time around its set to last until Christmas, apparently.

So what does a drought look like in Britian? Well it looks like this:

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Back to the Future with Charlie Chaplin and Steve Jobs

I read an article today on the BBC website which suggested things can go faster than light. It reminded me of this clip from YouTube which is just plain weird. Its a film of the opening of a Charlie Chaplin film in Hollywood in 1928. It shows an ‘old dear’ walking along, purely by chance so it seems, talking on a mobile phone – yes! A mobile phone. Has Steve Jobs actually gone back in time? Has he left us with the ultimate iPhone? Has he? Prove he hasn’t….

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