Around the World in 80 Beers Part 3 – Cough Syrup Ale

So I have committed myself to trying 80 different beers before I die. But to be honest beer is what beer does – its windy and gets a bit predictable. So I went off piste so to speak for this installment – and made a bit of a schoolboy error – I tried a ‘new beverage’ sitting proudly on display at our local off licence:

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Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

The Fussy Eater still refuses to eat anything remotely good for him. If it isn’t processed, pre-fab and packaged in plastic, he isn’t interested. With one exception; Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni. He’ll eat spinach all day. And its interesting because I always find spinach to be a particularly unusual green – it has the texture of zinc and looks like something that grows out of a meteorite when its cooked. But hey-ho, it takes all sorts.

Cannelloni trees ripe for cutting down.

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Olympic Preparation – Learning the Lingo.

Now like it or not London is going to be filling your screens in the coming months (plus a few glimpses of some provincial British towns) with all manner of advertising, plus some athletics and lots of David Beckham valiantly showing Harry Rednapp that he can still do the business during the next World Cup.

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Cheeky Cow

So I’m always up for eating new things (except eyeballs). I’ve also been looking for a cut of meat that will slow cook without drying out and a lot of posts on WordPress mention beef cheeks. Cheeks? Eating something’s cheeks. Just doesn’t sound quite right.

However I spotted some at Tesco of all places so I went for it. And its so cheap – this lot cost £3!

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Who is Wolfgang Puck?

On my business travels in the States I’ve noticed one major, important thing. The hotels are the best you’ll find in the world. I’m not talking about 5 star or anything. I mean any average, run-of-the-mill business hotel. They’re great. Why?

  1. The rooms are always huge
  2. The alarm clocks are all the same no matter where you stay so its easy to use them
  3. The ironing boards are massive so its easy to get your shirt ready in the morning
  4. The barman comes and asks you if you want a refill only when your glass is empty
  5. The in-room coffee is percolated and made by some guy called Wolfgang Puck.

(It’s worth pointing out that I’ve only stayed in Hiltons – I’ve heard some bad things about Western Inn, probably untrue).

So who is this Puck guy? And what is his connection to the display of juicy loveliness in the picture below?

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