Office chocolate orgy – well kind of

Offices in this part of the world don’t need much of an excuse to have cake orgies. Leaving, starting, retiring, birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, you name it and the cakes come out and the tea is brewed.

So when VerdictfromtheMrs asked me to get a cake together for her office (the reason being a birthday) I jumped at the chance. I am trying to stay off cake so it was a good excuse for making one without being tempted to then stuff it.

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Drought in the UK – this is how we do irony.

20 million people in the UK are under a drought order. We are banned from using hosepipes and have to share baths (might be making up the last bit, but that was actually advised by the Government back in 1976 when we had a big drought). And this time around its set to last until Christmas, apparently.

So what does a drought look like in Britian? Well it looks like this:

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I’ve got 99 problems but breakfast isn’t one of them

Morning! How is it for you? Have you woken up fresh and ready for the day of rest? Of course you have.

Or maybe not. Maybe you have a stinking hangover. Maybe you overdid it at a leaving do at work on Friday and you’re still regretting it 48 hours later. Maybe.

Well…get over it. If you feel like two feet away from death as you open your eyes, wonder why your mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage/pram (for those innocents out there that means ‘all shit and biscuits’) and hope that the man with the scythe will take you now and get it over with, you need a breakfast that will revive.

But you need to take the vegetarian into account so bacon is not an option.

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Quick and Dirty Tiramisu

Well calling this Tiramasu might be stretching things a little bit, but its sweet and creamy and it’s got alcohol in it and that’ll do me fine! The Italian name literally translates to ‘pick-me-up’ and although I didn’t detect any particular buzz eating this it was still fine.

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Instagram – How to have your cake and eat it.

Who remembers the ‘Dotcom Bubble’? When everyone went mad about online.

Back then internet businesses were valued in the millions and billions before they had even started trading. Then someone went ‘Hang on a’ and the whole thing went down the swanny.

Well you could be mistaken for thinking history is repeating itself. Mark Zuckerberg, the head chap at Facebook bought something called ‘Instagram’ for $1 billion.

Instagram – proving you can have your cake and eat it

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