Quick and Dirty Tiramisu

Well calling this Tiramasu might be stretching things a little bit, but its sweet and creamy and it’s got alcohol in it and that’ll do me fine! The Italian name literally translates to ‘pick-me-up’ and although I didn’t detect any particular buzz eating this it was still fine.

To create this creamy delight you’ll need

  • 18 Sponge Fingers (sometimes called Lady Fingers)
  • 250 gms of cherries
  • A tub of mascarpone
  • A tub of double cream (or heavy – much more apt term)
  • 3 tbsp Icing sugar
  • About half a glass of cherry brandy
  • 200 mls of strong black coffee at room temperature
  • Grated dark chocolate

This thing takes about 20 mins to create and requires no cooking – love it already!

First get four glass tumblers and put two broken up fingers into each glass. Then add the cherry brandy to the coffee and pour half of it onto the fingers.

Now whip the cream a bit and then stir in the cheese. Add the icing sugar and then coat the biscuit base with half the mix:

Now layer half the cherries on top:

Now layer the rest of the biscuits on top of the cherries. Pour the remaining coffee mix on top:

Now add another layer of cherries:

Top off with the remaining creamy mix:

Finish by sprinkling with chocolate and a cherry on top!

I think we need an internal shot to show that simple things can be delicious!

Next time I will create something impossibly tediously difficult that I will screw up!

37 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Tiramisu

  1. It looks delicious, although I agree it shouldn’t be called tiramisù. Good idea though to add cherries! You could add some vanilla so the mascarpone, because vanilla works very well with cherries, and/or you could make it lighter by replacing the heavy cream with egg whites.

  2. I want one!! Now!! But I don’t have the ingredients.. this is one of my favorite desserts. We ordered it two weeks ago at an italian restaurant.. this one could get dangerous it’s so quick!

  3. I have always been a sponge fingers man. Ever since sneaking them into my bedroom and scoffing a full packet under the blankets (about 45 years ago btw). Our new dog is called ‘Lady’ so lady fingers is a non runner around these parts. They look decadent however.

  4. I definitely call them Lady fingers as opposed to Sponge fingers which sound a little creepy. Looks delicious and I love the individual servings in the pretty tumblers.

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