Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine with Honey Roast Parsnip and Parmesan Puree

As I sit here in a smug ‘I-never-buy-prepackaged-minced-meat’ glow of hubristic self-satisfaction I remind myself of the numerous times I’ve gleefully chowed down on a Big Mac.

Or that time I noticed strange holes and watery bits in the ‘chicken’ in my ‘chicken korma’, which turned out to be injection holes used to plump the meat with brine before shipping from the continent to the wholesalers in south London.

Or the time we found a slug in the prepackaged salad. Or the eyeball in the salmon mousse. Alright the last one is a joke. Haha.

Anyway we nearly always eat Quorn mince in this house so unless they are sticking dogs and cats in that then we feel pretty safe with our lasagne.

And that brings me to my point. Which I don’t have, as regular readers will already be aware. (They just want to see whether I cocked up the cooking in this post). So here is a (not so) quick, easy and delicious Sunday dinner solution – lamb shanks, which I’ve done before but I didn’t like the photo; you couldn’t see the lamb in that one.


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Chocolate Chilli

In the world of food some things were simply meant for each other. In fact some food items are so compatible it’s a bit of a mystery why God didn’t just save some time and bring them into existence in their final, delicious form.

Take, for example, bacon sandwiches and tomato ketchup. No one would even consider one without the other, so why bother producing them as separate things? And lamb with mint jelly. What else can you do with mint jelly except eat it with lamb?

And so the list of inseparable foods goes on – cheese and pickle, steak and scallops, chocolate and jelly beans…I’m stopping now before I start chewing the keyboard.

However you can go too far. Sometimes a food combination sounds better than it tastes. For example ‘Chocolate Chilli’.

Now on paper this sounds like it should work.


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Horse Meat Joke Requiem

Okay this is the last post on this particular subject. However I justify it’s presence here on the basis that a) it made me laugh and b) it’s about food and, after all, this is a food blog.

Over here (i.e. anywhere between Ireland and Russia) we recently found out we’ve been eating horses when we thought we were eating cows. And it started in Tesco (the UK’s version of Walmart). And in Tesco you get poor-people’s food and not-so-poor-people’s food – either way we’ve all been eating horse shit)…

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Smoked Salmon and Dill Tian – The Hairy Bikers Have Gone All Gourmet

Yes those two Northern Bikers have a new TV series (about the third in the past twelve months). In the latest they try to go all gourmet and posh on us. From what I’ve seen so far it’s been pretty good. This post explores their ‘Smoked salmon and dill tian with warm potato galette and fennel and apple salad‘ – which is certainly a mouthful but, as we shall see, a pretty simple good-looking starter!


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Roast Duck and Pork Belly with Caramelised Endive

When I started blogging (who created that word anyway  – what is it, a Blather Log? No its a mash up of ‘Web’ and ‘Log’…so that should read ‘Wlog’ or ‘Weg’ but those words are crap, so I guess ‘Blog’ is good) I thought ‘The world is my oyster’, and ‘I’ll never run out of ideas’.

But I do. Frequently. I mean there are only so many ways you can boil a piece of beef. Or fry some prawns. Or burn some pastry.

And lets face it; the internet is a pile of crap. Type in ‘beef recipes’ or ‘interesting things to do with a potato’ and it’s not as if Google comes up with anything different – it’s just the same old, same old…

However if you should happen to type into that little rectangular box something like, oh I don’t know…’Roast Duck and Pork Belly with Caramelised Endive’… you might find a recipe for something interesting, like ‘Roast Duck and Pork Belly with Caramelised Endive’, for example. Maybe.

And so I did. Such inspiration came from the ‘Great British Chefs‘ website. It’s packed full of random dishes which may or may not have actually been tried out. Anyway combining duck and pork and other things sounded good to me so I tried it out…


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