Why does my home made Crunchie taste like bleach?

So it was suggested we try making Cadbury’s Crunchie. You know the honeycombe bar with a chocolate coating. Not my favourite but its got to be easier than making a Mars Bar, right? Wrong. Painfully wrong.

Remember ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’? Well this ain’t it kids.

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Health Kick – Carrot and Potato Soup

Its worth remembering that I’m married to a vegetarian (who might eat the odd prawn every now and then). Her favourite culinary creation is soup, primarily because we otherwise would live off a diet of chocolate puddings and pies.

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Why am I recycling for an evil corporation?

Well Tesco isn’t really evil. It’s the Walmart of the UK and it’s very handy (although my wife refuses to go there because our local one is overrun with Chav’s and nutcases (which I find kind of charming in a ‘my-life-may-not-be-perfect-but-it-could-be-so-much-worse’ kind of way).

However how stupid do they think I am? I got some cook-in-the-oven fish from them the other day and bought the most expensive battered fish I could find. I open the box and find this:

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Cornish Pasties – another ratatouille moment.

I had another ratatouille moment the other day.

When I was a kid my family used to go on holiday to Cornwall, the land of clotted cream, tin mines and windsurfing. I don’t recall any of those but I do recall three things – ‘windswept’ cottages, the old Hillman Hunter that used to get us there, and Cornish Pasties.

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Coronation Chicken

Back in 1953, for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, two old dears, Constance Fry and Rosemary Hume, were tasked with coming up with a new dish to serve at the official banquet (no apologies for historical inaccuracy). They proposed a chicken dish served in a spicy yet fruity sauce.

The corgis eat Coronation Chicken everday for breakfast

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