Welcome to London, Home of the XXX Olympiad!

Some time ago I provided a useful review of some of London’s lesser-known eating places. Fine dining you will not find on that page. I found those amazing places not by actually going to them, but by reading the seminal work on ‘other-London’ – ‘Shit London‘ by Patrick Dalton.

Now, with the Olympics only a day away I felt it my responsibility, nay my duty, to share with readers some alternative views of this great city that few will see, either on TV or in person.

I was lucky enough to find the online version of ‘Shit London’ (which I hasten to add does not mean ‘really bloody awful, but rather ‘shit, or stuff you’ll find in London’).

The author has just published the results of a competition looking for, variously, worst workplace view, worst shop name, and a general category of ‘Best Picture’, an entry for which is re-produced here:

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Mediterranean Fish Stew with Garlic Ciabatta

New Le Creuset soup bowls. With lids! A gift from the wife for my birthday back in June. Had to try them out.

We decided on a fishy creation rather than standard soup and went for a tomatoey base rather than creamy. And (shock, gasp) this dish is actually quite healthy!

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Olympic London has lost the plot – well it was always going to happen…

I’m trying not to become a GB (Games Bore) but this I could not resist. London Olympians are being treated to ‘Olympic Lanes’ – dedicated traffic lanes only officials and athletes can use when driving to and from events.

Like it isn’t hard enough to get round the Capital anyway! However the chaps and chapesses that have come up with this amazing logistical solution seem to have cut a few corners:

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Pork Pie – I Bet Usain Bolt Will Not Be Eating This Before The 100m Final

The Olympics are a couple of weeks away. We are a fairly realistic bunch on this funny little archipelago in the North Eastern Atlantic. We are doing our best but are not trying to compete with the awesome power of the Chinese opening ceremony of 2008 or the perfect weather in Australia in 2000.

But we are obsessing about our Games. And our obsession is all about what happens afterwards. What’s the legacy? What does that even mean? Well on TV at the moment is a programme called Twenty Twelve which essentially rips two shades out of the ‘Tristrams’ (young, well educated, over paid executives) who talk corporate bullshit bingo all day and are currently putting the Games together.

In this clip the PR woman (brilliant acting) describes ‘legacy’ and social media in a way I have heard many times before, in real life:

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