WTF Fridays – 112lb Woman Eats 6lb Steak In Under 3 Minutes

This is why the internet was invented. If it wasn’t for the internet I would never know this was possible.

I mean this is what she ate. In 3 minutes.

Big Steak

I want one. Unfortuntely I can’t have one. They don’t make the cows big enough in Britain. However if you are ever in Portland, Oregon, you can try the challenge at Saylers.

If you can eat the whole thing plus some sides in 60 minutes you get to eat for free. How the woman ate the whole thing in less than 3 minutes (and also happens to be not much bigger than the steak) is nothing short stunning. In fact she should be able to forge some sort of career out of this ability. Seriously.

22 thoughts on “WTF Fridays – 112lb Woman Eats 6lb Steak In Under 3 Minutes

  1. I wonder how long this woman’s going to stay at 112 lb… seems like a lot of restaurants here do that kind of thing – like one ice cream place has a deal with about 3 gallons of ice cream. Do you wonder why about 60% of our population is obese? Myself, I’d rather take a smaller steak, take my time & enjoy it with a glass of red, and pay for the meal.

  2. She must have trained at the Big Texan in Amarillo. They have a similar deal with a huge steak + shrimp (prawn) cocktail + baked potato. If you make it without vomiting you get your name on a plaque on the wall. The wall is plastered with plaques! OMG!

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