Dieting with Fillet Steak

Yes that’s right you can. Well actually I’ve no idea if you can – but i thought what the hell I’m sick of eating chicken and pearl barley casserole in my quest to lose some ‘excess’. So I had this:

But I decided this wasn’t good enough. So I added a poached egg:

And that still wasn’t good enough so I slathered the whole plate with English mustard and ketchup. But I’ll spare you that shot – it’s not suitable for a family-focused blog.

31 thoughts on “Dieting with Fillet Steak

  1. All foods fit; there are no “bad” foods. The photo reminds me of the dining scene in “McCabe and Mrs Miller” (with Warren Beatty & Julie Christie) , though you should have had at least 6 eggs to accompany your steak!

  2. What’s wrong with that diet? Looks great to me & you even added some broccoli so it’s perfectly balanced (you did eat the broccoli right?). Chicken can get sooo boring especially unless it’s got some kind of sauce that usually involves cream, lots of butter, cheese… I mean you can only do chicken for so long before you become cranky & dangerous. I’ve never heard of pearl barley casserole – please don’t take that as an invitation to give us the recipe though 🙂

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