A German Soldier’s Memoir of the Eastern Front

Anyone who likes history, and in particular military history, knows there is a seemingly inifinite supply of books on WWII. Mostly written by worthy academic types, these often huge tomes strive to analyse, understand and ultimately explain something which is, as time goes by, increasingly inexplicable. This book, however, is different. ‘In Deadly Combat’ is a memoir of a German Officer who spent most of the War on the Eastern Front. And he survived.

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Fly Great Britain

Once upon a time Great Britain had an aircraft industry (just like it had a car industry and a shipbuilding industry). Here we take a look at a couple of icons of that ‘Golden Age’ (it wasn’t really golden but it sounds good) – the Wellington Bomber and the Concorde (we needed the help of the French for the latter but that’s okay).

Heathrow desperately needed Terminal 5…

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