What’s the Point of ‘Liking’ WordPress Posts?

The obvious answer is because you like what you are reading, or looking at, but you can’t think of anything to comment about. You just want the blog owner to know you were there. Gives you a nice, warm fluffy feeling and it gives him or her a nice, warm fluffy feeling. Ah, bless, warm fluffy feelings all round.

Of course for the more focused, intense, driven blogger, there is another reason. You want the recipient, or any other visitors to the post you ‘liked’, to click on your ‘Gravatar’; your little picture or emblem that identifies you in the blogosphere (dreadful word, should have been taken out and shot).

But what happens when you click on a Gravatar? You get something like this:


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What Was The Most Read Post of 2012 on Happiness Stan?

I’ve noticed many blogs have posted their ‘stats’ for the previous 12 months this last few days. WordPress does a clever little report which tells you that if your ‘site visits’ were Big Macs you could have fed the entire population of the world five times over (not the veggies of course – they would have to make do with the McVeggieBurger – sorry ‘VerdictfromtheMrs’).

Anyway, I resisted the idea of doing this retrospective until I took a look at my stats. Stats are a wonderful thing. When you’re sitting there thinking ‘what shall I write a post about?’, take a look at your stats. Let them guide you!

I was very surprised what these data showed me. What was the most popular post? A big creamy cake? No. Well a large chocolate-infused creation then. No, again. Well it had to be a big fat steak-based dish, covered in sauce; nowhere near.

It was duck.


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