Oxtail Braised in Guinness

What has happened to Autumn? It’s balmy out there. Warm even. The nights are gettting cold but the daytime is positively pleasant. Okay we got the back-end of Hurriance Whatnot but generally speaking the weather is not going to plan. And that’s great except for two things.

First it means we are heading for a vicious winter (the law of Happiness Stan states that pleasant weather is inevitably followed by a spell of unpleasant weather times ten). Second it means that I cannot plunge into a heady mix of ‘winter warmers’, ‘comfort food’ and even ‘unctuous’ creations without them seeming as out of place as fois gras at a vegan convention.

But that won’t stop me. As if. So I decided to get a head start on winter and revert to an old favourite. Oxtail. This time braised in stout (or Guinness by any other name).


The green stuff is a nod to the five-a-day brigade.

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Simple Salmon and Dill with Baked New Potatoes

For the past two weeks we’ve been sniveling, sneezing, moping and so forth. And thats just those who haven’t had the flu jab. Those who have had the flu jab complain of feeling really unwell which makes me wonder what the point of it is. Anyway this dish is designed to imbibe the senses with health and well-being and banish unpleasantness and illness until, oh I don’t know, Christmas Day, probably.

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