Adventures in British Food – Glamorgan Sausages

In an attempt to remain patriotic and keep focused on these ‘Isles of Wonder’ (Isles of Wonder? Seriously I know the Games are good but the ‘Wonder’ thing might be stretching the point) I have been trawling the length and breadth of Britain looking for local dishes to recreate. (All this is of course done in the virtual sense. I’m not paying £120 to get a train to Bradford only to find they eat McDonalds).

So first to Wales – the land of dragons, daffodils and coal mines (Anyone noticed that on a map Wales has a profile like a pig’s head. No? What do you do with your free time? Interesting stuff that involves the outside?)

When I think of Welsh cuisine I think first lamb, then leeks, then Welsh Rarebit…and then I stop thinking. I found a recipe for Glamorgan Sausages and decided to give them a go – basically these are croquettes by any other name.

How do you turn this lot into sausages?

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