Meatloaf and a Social Media Meltdown

Before I commence I would like to bitch and moan. I have been blogging for something like 3 1/2 years. WordPress is easy and straightforward. You write some blurb. Then you open the file of photos you have to hand and just drag them into the media loader.

When I got a Mac last year it got even easier. It let you drag a photo straight into the text. Couldn’t be easier. Then last month Apple buggered about with the photo app and now I can’t drag anything into anything. I feel like throwing the whole lot in the bin. But I am sucked in. I’m paying WordPress $99 a year for some reason. I’m paying Apple £3 a month for iCloud and I don’t even know what the hell for. I just paid Microsoft £108 to use Word on a Mac which I don’t need but feel compelled to have ‘just in case’.

So I can’t really throw anything in the bin. And if anyone can throw me a bone here, so to speak, explain how to make everything work nice and easy like it used to (in the good old days) then please do let me know…

Anywhoooooo. Meatloaf. Never made one but they look so damned tasty I had to give it a go…


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Winter Warmers – Giant Yorkshire Puddings with Giant Carrots

So we are snowed in – a whole 2 inches of the white stuff – but in this part of the world that is more than enough to bring the whole road and rail network to a grinding halt.

And since ‘Black Tuesday’ (I’ll call it that although it could have been a Wednesday) two years ago when it took me, my wife and thousands of others over 8 hours to drive 13 miles home in the evening, few were prepared to go through that experience again. So most worked from home; the roads were quiet and all was good.

And gazing out of the window, I mean doing a detailed spreadsheet analysis, my thoughts turned, surprisingly, to food. For Big Weather you need Big Food, and it doesn’t come much bigger than Giant Yorkshire Puddings.


Those are dinner plates. Big Ones.

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