The Last Supper

Well not quite – I’ve got a few creations backed up. But on Monday the oven went. So did the hob. And the sink, the cupboards and the washing machine. It’s all gone. Yes, we’re getting the kitchen redone but in the meantime its all take-aways and what you can create with a microwave.

Anyway that’s all for another post at some point in the distant future. To commemorate the end of our old, and to be honest totally crappy, kitchen we made cheese stuffed chicken with a barbeque sauce. And the adventurous eater acted as head chef.

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Crispy Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce

Here’s a dish that takes me back to my time in the Orient. Actually I’ve never been but if I had I’m sure it would. In China they can turn a duck into a multi-course banquet. Every bit is used (and I mean every bit). In this version we are a little more conservative.

Traditionally the duck is hung (not alive) in a dry, cool, drafty place. My wife, being vegetarian, didn’t fancy the idea of bathing with a dead duck in the bathroom (actually I never broached the idea). So I followed Jamie Oliver’s quick and dirty method. (Or you can try the vegetarian version here).

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Suburban Plague!

A plague is spreading through our suburban dream! It’s called Take-Away Plague. For the past three years we have collected (well I’ve collected, the Mrs thinks I’m round the twist) the take-away fliers that get posted through our letterbox. I’ve now got more than 500 of them:

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Continuing Adventures in Chinese Take-Away

We love take-aways in our house. Indian, Chinese, Pizza – even a bit of Thai every now and then. Its all good. Except of course it isn’t – its all salt, fat and yet more salt. So I’ve taken it on myself to try and create my favourite take-away creations. It started with Chinese Curry. Very nice too.

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