How the Destruction of Pompeii Inspired Me To Write About Making A Steak and Kidney Pudding

Whilst sitting staring at the Boob Tube (as my father used to call it; well he might still call it that but seeing how he now has a 3D 50 inch Samsung LED job I suspect he doesn’t) I found myself watching a piece about the disaster that met the poor folks in Roman times in the foothills of Vesuvius. The mountain blew it’s load, so to speak, and many people died.

That took me back to my Geography degree (dead useful a geography degree in my current role as a corporate development ‘professional’ in a software company) and the time I studied the explosion of Mount St Helens.

Where the hell is this going? Oh yes, that infamous event reminded me of my latest creation – a ‘Steak and Kidney Pudding’. Why? Let’s take a look:


Here’s a steak and kidney pudding; note the collapsing outer wall, the innards spewing forth. And here’s a shot of Mount St Helens:


Note the similarities – the collapsed outer wall, the innards spewing forth….

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Norfolk Plough Pudding

And the continuing adventures of British Regional Cuisine rolls on. We’ve tried Scouse from the Liverpool region. We’ve had a go at Cornish Pasties from…Cornwall. And we’ve done a load of other dishes but I can’t remember what or where they come from.
Today we’ll go for a dish from the flatlands. That’s the bit of England that CNN thought London was situated in. Norfolk is full of fields and farming and so on. And it’s where this week’s creation originates from. Personally I have some doubts. I mean basically Norfolk Plough Pudding is Steak and Kidney Pudding with pork instead of beef.

But who cares, it gives me an excuse to cook something utterly delicious and totally bad.

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Best of British – Steak and Kidney Pudding

Cooking with wine is one of life’s little pleasures. However there are risks. The main risk is that the longer the dish takes, the greater the chance of mishaps occurring.

This particular dish took SIX (6) hours to complete. Now I’m not saying I was drinking wine for six hours but the results might suggest that. Anyway critical ingredients are shown below:

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