Winter is Coming – Risotto is the Answer

Well if you live in England winter doesn’t seem to be coming but no doubt I will be proved horribly wrong at some point. Probably around a week from now. But what the hell. Risotto certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing a nice warm, fluffy, happy feeling (or is that the wine?) while the wind blows, the rain falls and the rush hour traffic becomes unbearably tedious. But this recipe has a twist – here there are two meals out of one! (see the end of this post for more).

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Mushrooms – Spanish Style (Ole!)

After the brain searingly hot Thai Curry from last time lets calm things down a bit with a starter from Spain – Stuffed Mushrooms. These were discovered in Tenerife and I’ve taken some liberties (that is I’ve made the recipe up because I was a bit jolly when I ate them and can’t really remember what was in them but they were good!). Essential ingredients shown below – as always the wine is optional (but, in a way, essential too). PS I’m watching Gordon Ramsay having a nightmare in an American Kitchen (‘Zekes’ episode for those who watch it) while I write this, so do hang on in there…

Fungi – it ain’t pretty when its raw…

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Ole! Omelette

Cooking with wine is all about simplicity. As the Great Gordon says ‘Simple ingredients, prepared well blah blah..’ Today its an inebriated version of Spanish omelette.

If you have seen the other posts relating to ‘Cooking with Wine’ you might notice a recurring theme – a large pan of fried onions and peppers – well that’s the secret – do what you do well; in this case chopping and frying onions (ps the pan is a gift from the better half’s Grandmother and it is a gem of a utility item – from the ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ range). For Spanish omelette (sorry Spain) you will need: Continue reading