Gratuitous Steak Shot

Do you spend hours trying to recreate things you see on Masterchef? Do you watch Heston poncing about with dried ice and syringes, synergising coal with saffron to produce some form of carbonised ice-cream and think – I can do that? No? No. Of course not.

You need to eat. Eat food. Real food. And in my corner of the Universe real food = steak.

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When does Paella become Risotto?

The joys of cooking with wine are myriad. However for the devil-may-care, bon viveur pitfalls are never too far away. Take for example this week’s creation. Simple Paella.

What can go wrong? Rice, chicken, stock – easy right? No. The main issue is over-exuberance with the vino. Lets try and identify the critical mistakes that effectively turned paella into risotto!

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Surf ‘n’ Turf

This session of ‘Cooking with Wine’ is a departure from the norm because here we actually use wine in the cooking rather than just drinking it whilst cooking. With the benefit of hindsight I would probably drink wine as well as use it as an ingredient, its more fun, but whatever.

Steak, scallops and…a plum?

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