Heatwave! Time for Herby Coconut Rice with Mango Plus Lots of Flesh

We have a heat wave coming this weekend in sunny Blighty. The Met Office recommends staying indoors (to avoid the sun), turning off non-essential electrical items (they generate heat) and closing the curtains.

What is causing this response (which sounds more like ‘what to do in the event of a nuclear holocaust’)? Temperatures of 30 centigrade (86 fahrenheit). I mean it’s not exactly catastrophic levels is it?

I remember we took the kids to the south of France one year. As we got off the plane we were blasted by a wave of heat. The youngest turned to me and said ‘Dad, is that the engine?’ to which I replied ‘No son, that’s just hot’. We sweltered for four days. Could hardly move it was so hot.

So with that experience in mind I may well say ‘balls to the ‘Elf & Safety’ brigade and ‘chuck another prawn on the barbie’. With some rice.


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