Winter Vegetable Salad

It’s Spring! Actually it’s been spring for a couple of weeks. Not that you’d notice. It’s so cold round here I’m starting to think the next Ice Age is here. Now. Apparently if a frost doesn’t thaw during summer for two years in a row then we are, in fact, at the start of a new Ice Age. Can you imagine it? Snow in July?

I could be making all that up but still it makes you think. It doesn’t? You must be pissed. Or you want to holiday in North Korea. Seriously what is the problem with those people.

Anyway I was watching some food-related programme when up pops Raymond Blanc. He’s great because he doesn’t seem to hate the English. I know only one other French person who likes England and she is my sister-in-law.

Monsieur Blanc proceeded to show me how to do something fantastic with some humble ‘in season’ veg. He created a dish that looked like some kind of weird other-world life form. But it looked that good I had to try it out…


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