Bailey’s Custard Tart

It’s been that long since I wrote a post I can’t remember how to do it anymore. As the actress said to the bishop.

The reason I am writing this post is to have a quick rant about Panko Breadcrumbs. Which I will now refer to as Wanko Breadcrumbs (BTW this post is NSFW). I just made some Arancini. But instead of simply whizzing  up some stale bread like you are supposed to , I decided to use up a spare pack of Wanko Breadcrumbs. Basically you end up with something with the texture akin to a packet of crisps. Don’t bother.

Anyway no one cares about little balls of rice covered with crushed up crisps. What people care about is Custard Tart infused with 3 litres of Bailey’s Irish Cream.


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Starbucks – Thrashing the Customer Experience to Death?

So in the UK we like to keep ourselves to ourselves.

Its coffee, not my friend. Except when I’m hungover.

We queue patiently for our coffee, we then order our coffee (assiduously avoiding the terms ‘Tall, Grande & Venti’ in preference to Small, Medium & Large) then we say ‘No, I don’t want anything else’ and then we pay.

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