Norfolk Plough Pudding

And the continuing adventures of British Regional Cuisine rolls on. We’ve tried Scouse from the Liverpool region. We’ve had a go at Cornish Pasties from…Cornwall. And we’ve done a load of other dishes but I can’t remember what or where they come from.
Today we’ll go for a dish from the flatlands. That’s the bit of England that CNN thought London was situated in. Norfolk is full of fields and farming and so on. And it’s where this week’s creation originates from. Personally I have some doubts. I mean basically Norfolk Plough Pudding is Steak and Kidney Pudding with pork instead of beef.

But who cares, it gives me an excuse to cook something utterly delicious and totally bad.

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Pork Pie – I Bet Usain Bolt Will Not Be Eating This Before The 100m Final

The Olympics are a couple of weeks away. We are a fairly realistic bunch on this funny little archipelago in the North Eastern Atlantic. We are doing our best but are not trying to compete with the awesome power of the Chinese opening ceremony of 2008 or the perfect weather in Australia in 2000.

But we are obsessing about our Games. And our obsession is all about what happens afterwards. What’s the legacy? What does that even mean? Well on TV at the moment is a programme called Twenty Twelve which essentially rips two shades out of the ‘Tristrams’ (young, well educated, over paid executives) who talk corporate bullshit bingo all day and are currently putting the Games together.

In this clip the PR woman (brilliant acting) describes ‘legacy’ and social media in a way I have heard many times before, in real life:

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Slow Cooked Pork Pot Roast

Slow cooking meat seems to be the fashion at the moment so I have been trawling the meat counters of Surrey looking for things to stick in my Le Creuset. This time round I found a rack of pork chops which hadn’t been cut up and decided to create something interesting from scratch:

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If You’re British Boston Beans Taste a Whole Lot Better Than Boston Tea

Now I love Baked Beans. But they have to be Heinz. I had a friend at school who’s father would eat cold beans, straight out of the tin, at every meal they had at home. Like they were a condiment. That’s wrong really isn’t it.

For purists of course beans out of a tin (hot or cold) are as bad as mashed potato out of a packet or instant coffee. So I thought I’d have a look at how to make ‘real beans’. And for real beans I plumbed for ‘Boston Beans’.

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Pork Tenderloin with Stuffing Stack

Or ‘Ponced up Roast Pork’.

We got kind of snowed in this weekend. We spent Saturday waiting for it, listening to the increasingly hysterical weather forecasts telling us icy death and destruction was about to decend on our sorry southern English arses. Then we spent Sunday moving a couple of inches of snow out of the way of the cars while the slightly sheepish-sounding weather forecasters said it could get worse, but probably won’t.

So I decided to get busy in the kitchen and make something with pork. I went for stuffed pork loin with a potato slab served with a stuffing and apple sauce stack. Finishing it off with roasted carrots and parsnips and a cranberry sauce. I really did have a lot of time on my hands. And a lot of wine which helps the cooking process immeasurably.

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