Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

The Fussy Eater still refuses to eat anything remotely good for him. If it isn’t processed, pre-fab and packaged in plastic, he isn’t interested. With one exception; Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni. He’ll eat spinach all day. And its interesting because I always find spinach to be a particularly unusual green – it has the texture of zinc and looks like something that grows out of a meteorite when its cooked. But hey-ho, it takes all sorts.

Cannelloni trees ripe for cutting down.

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Mushroom Stroganoff – the Yin and the Yang of it

Its all very well producing massive meaty meals (or Triple M’s as we call them in, well I’m not sure, but I bet somewhere they do), but 50% of my marriage is vegetarian so if ‘Yin is to be accompanied by Yang’, then some meal times are meat free. In this instance we are producing Mushroom Stroganoff. (Shown here with mood lighting, not a dodgy camera flash).

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Cooking with Kids – the Fussy Eater

So in our household we have the foodie (11) and the fussy eater (8). Of course thats playing with words because the foodie only eats things he likes (nothing green or red) and the fussy eater isn’t fussy so long as he likes it. If you see what I mean. Combine that with the needs of the Pescatarian and you are seriously limiting the culinary remit open to you.

Solution: Tuna Pasta Bake – WITH NO BITS (thanks Dad)

If it doesn’t come with wine it ain’t worth it

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Cooking Multiple Lasagnes at the Same Time

Tonight its lasagne. (With an ‘e’ rather than an ‘a’ because we’re in England – who knows how the Italians spell it). I’m sitting here in the corner whilst everyone else is arguing about the relative (lack of) talent amongst the contestants in this year’s X Factor; my opinion – every one of them is dire and wouldn’t get a gig at the local Working Men’s Social Club.

Because our family features foodies (me and the eldest boy), vegetarians (the wife) and ‘fussy eaters’ (the youngest boy) cooking any meal for everyone requires logistical skill (culinary talent is a nice to have rather than an essential requirement, especially on a Saturday night). So tonight its Chicken & Bacon Lasagne, and Mushroom Lasagne.

Haven’t we seen those mushrooms somewhere else?…

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