Back to the Future with Charlie Chaplin and Steve Jobs

I read an article today on the BBC website which suggested things can go faster than light. It reminded me of this clip from YouTube which is just plain weird. Its a film of the opening of a Charlie Chaplin film in Hollywood in 1928. It shows an ‘old dear’ walking along, purely by chance so it seems, talking on a mobile phone – yes! A mobile phone. Has Steve Jobs actually gone back in time? Has he left us with the ultimate iPhone? Has he? Prove he hasn’t….

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A Little Piece of England

Today – we all know – is Remembrance Sunday – poppies, gatherings and silences to remind us that if we hadn’t won two wars we’d be eating schnitzel and our Monarch would be the descendant of an American socialite (who may or may not have been a man). So all over the country wreaths are laid on memorials for those who died in WWI & II.

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This is the Road to Hell Alright

A rant from the normally balanced world of Happiness Stan. Years ago Chris Rea had a hit with ‘Road to Hell’, a 1989 ode to Britain’s last major motorway project, the M25 and only a few days ago it celebrated its 25th anniversary. The M25 is what the younger generation might refer to as an epic fail. And that isn’t an exaggeration. It is epic (120 miles right round a big city) and it has failed (to get people where they need to go quickly).

Thatcher hasn’t faired much better over the past 25 years

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