J. Paul Getty Inspired Burrito

Several years ago I found myself on a work-related trip in Torrance, CA. We had a day off, waiting for a plane back to London, so my boss decided we needed something to do. We went to the J. Paul Getty Museum and it was the most amazing place. I mean it’s got more European history in it than Europe has. Money walks, talks.

Anyway, despite the collection of Da Vinci artifacts (and so on) we saw, the thing that stuck in my mind was lunch (well of course it did, I’m a foodie right?).

A burrito. A burrito like nothing I’d seen before and like nothing I’ve seen since. It was the size of a loaf of bread, and had everything in it. So I of course had to (eventually) try and recreate it.

A burrito has meat, cheese and rice. Well the one I had back in LA did anyway.


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