It’s Friday – Lets Drive Home at 200mph.

Now I know this is probably getting a bit tedious, but I purchased a holder for my iPhone and then filmed a trip home on the most famous car park in the world – the M25. (If you’ve never heard of this motorway then shame). Tonight we do the 33 mile trip in about 3 minutes, accompanied by Michael Gray’s ‘Weekend’:

This video doesn’t exist

I’m not sure how this weekend is actually going to turn out – I’m making a Frasier Cake for my sister’s birthday – they did it on the Great British Bake Off and it looked like a total nightmare; I can see a big pile of cream with bits of sponge and strawberries stuck in it coming on. I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive!

The Great Storm of 1987

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of the ‘Great Storm of 1987’. That night 25 years ago southern England was hit by winds as strong as a hurricane – reaching 120 mph. We hadn’t experienced anything like it since 1703 – and it’s unlikely any of us alive today will experience anything like it again.

The British take pride in their weather. Our forecasters are a national institution – we watch them every evening. But that night in 1987 one of our best – Michael Fish – told us that a weather feature forming off the Bay of Biscay west of France was nothing to worry about; how wrong he was.

Lucky this wasn’t the States – he’d have been a goner if it had been left-hand drive

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Lightning Bolt v Mo Bot

Lets be honest. This bejeweled Isle of Greenery upon which the British reside would never have thought we’d be third in the Olympics table with one day to go (except if you’re American where for some reason we are fourth behind Russia). As I sit here with glass in hand I am watching some truely stunning athletics.

We have Usain Bolt. The guy is unbeatable. And GB has Mo Farah. Who? Mo is the man. He runs around in circles and just wipes the floor. All comers. 10000 metres – Gold. 5000 metres – Gold! And both these supermen of running have a signature ‘win pose’.

For Usain there is the ‘ Lightning Bolt’. For Mo there is the ‘ Mo Bot’:

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Welcome to London, Home of the XXX Olympiad!

Some time ago I provided a useful review of some of London’s lesser-known eating places. Fine dining you will not find on that page. I found those amazing places not by actually going to them, but by reading the seminal work on ‘other-London’ – ‘Shit London‘ by Patrick Dalton.

Now, with the Olympics only a day away I felt it my responsibility, nay my duty, to share with readers some alternative views of this great city that few will see, either on TV or in person.

I was lucky enough to find the online version of ‘Shit London’ (which I hasten to add does not mean ‘really bloody awful, but rather ‘shit, or stuff you’ll find in London’).

The author has just published the results of a competition looking for, variously, worst workplace view, worst shop name, and a general category of ‘Best Picture’, an entry for which is re-produced here:

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