‘A good blog has a theme’. That’s what WordPress says. This is supposed to be a food blog but it’s really quite difficult to come up with original food ideas that don’t a) require lots of expensive ingredients and b) require skills and patiences I don’t have (and don’t want) whilst c) keeping my BMI index below ‘super-fat-bastard-how-come-you’re-still-breathing’ levels.

So I have resorted to cooking things but not eating them. That’s easy enough because as my wife will tell you I have the willpower of an ox (do they have willpower?). I have also decided to explore dishes from yesteryear – simple things that your Granny would have made. Here we explore the delights of ‘Scouse’ a dish that was originally eaten by sailors across Northern Europe and lent its name to the locals of the port of Liverpool.

In every way it is effectively Irish Stew – and its dead easy, inoffensive even.

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Lamb Curry Straight Up, No Messing

So its been nearly 4 weeks without a kitchen. Living off take-aways, ready meals and all sorts of rubbish. But before we lost our hob (feels like forever) I trawled the cupboards for spices and herbs to create a curry.

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French Cooking – and I Can’t Speak French – oo la la!

For Christmas my French sister-in-law gave me a recipe book.

So what, you might ask. Well, its in French. Now I haven’t gone near that language since I was 13. My mother, at the time, said:

‘Sure son, you can take Art at ‘O’ Level (the school exam you took at 16 in the 80’s)…so long as you do French too’.

‘But Mum I don’t get French, I can’t (won’t) do it!’

‘Well fine, you have to do Chemistry instead’.

So I took Chemistry (which turned out to be a bloody useless qualification) and never learnt French.

So there I was this weekend with a cookbook that I couldn’t read and a big piece of lamb. Enter the ‘Adventurous Eater’ – an 11 year old with superior Googling skills. I got him to intepret a recipe for lamb. I knew it was lamb because of the picture in the book. Anyway down to business. To create Moroccan Lamb (well its spicy and fruity anyway) you’ll need a bunch of spices and dried fruits and some lamb:

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