Cooking with Kids – the Fussy Eater

So in our household we have the foodie (11) and the fussy eater (8). Of course thats playing with words because the foodie only eats things he likes (nothing green or red) and the fussy eater isn’t fussy so long as he likes it. If you see what I mean. Combine that with the needs of the Pescatarian and you are seriously limiting the culinary remit open to you.

Solution: Tuna Pasta Bake – WITH NO BITS (thanks Dad)

If it doesn’t come with wine it ain’t worth it

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Chocolate Roulade

Enough with all this savoury shenanigans. It’s time to get down and dirty with a good chocolate fix. Chocolate Roulade is actually good for you because it has no flour in it. That’s official. It might even contain negative calories although that is debatable. Whatever your family will love this dessert!

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