Chocolate Chilli

In the world of food some things were simply meant for each other. In fact some food items are so compatible it’s a bit of a mystery why God didn’t just save some time and bring them into existence in their final, delicious form.

Take, for example, bacon sandwiches and tomato ketchup. No one would even consider one without the other, so why bother producing them as separate things? And lamb with mint jelly. What else can you do with mint jelly except eat it with lamb?

And so the list of inseparable foods goes on – cheese and pickle, steak and scallops, chocolate and jelly beans…I’m stopping now before I start chewing the keyboard.

However you can go too far. Sometimes a food combination sounds better than it tastes. For example ‘Chocolate Chilli’.

Now on paper this sounds like it should work.


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Smoked Salmon and Dill Tian – The Hairy Bikers Have Gone All Gourmet

Yes those two Northern Bikers have a new TV series (about the third in the past twelve months). In the latest they try to go all gourmet and posh on us. From what I’ve seen so far it’s been pretty good. This post explores their ‘Smoked salmon and dill tian with warm potato galette and fennel and apple salad‘ – which is certainly a mouthful but, as we shall see, a pretty simple good-looking starter!


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