Sri Lankan Green Bean Curry – the perfect antidote to the England Football Team

What to do.

The England football team plays Poland tonight.

Win and we go to Brazil next year for the World Cup, where we’ll get knocked out in the quarter finals (probably by Germany).

Lose and we all get to watch the competition next year without having to go through the hysterical emotional turmoil of watching England getting knocked out by Germany in the quarter finals.

So I can’t really watch tonight’s game. What I will do is flick channels; 5 minutes of stomach-churning Sunday-league level soccer, and then on to the quarter finals of the Great British Bake Off, then maybe over to the Military History Channel for 15 minutes of how Germany took out Poland in WWII, and then back to the football wishing (dreadfully maybe) that the Nazis had finished the job and I could just support Germany next year in Brazil shouting ‘Long live the Reich!’


No, I’ll write a blog about Sri Lankan Green Bean Curry.


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Celebrating Mediocrity with a Pimms

Well, depending on where you come from you may or may not be aware that the ‘beautiful game’ is engaged in it’s second most important tournament.

Yes it’s the Euro’s. Not the money debacle. The football debacle. And that’s football with a round ball thanks. Every four years the ever expanding mess that is Europe engages in an orgy of cliches, play-acting on the pitch, incompetent referees and dangerously drunk ‘fans’ ‘interacting’ with ‘locals’ (i.e riots) in small villages and piazzas.

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