It’s Friday – Lets Drive Home at 200mph.

Now I know this is probably getting a bit tedious, but I purchased a holder for my iPhone and then filmed a trip home on the most famous car park in the world – the M25. (If you’ve never heard of this motorway then shame). Tonight we do the 33 mile trip in about 3 minutes, accompanied by Michael Gray’s ‘Weekend’:

This video doesn’t exist

I’m not sure how this weekend is actually going to turn out – I’m making a Frasier Cake for my sister’s birthday – they did it on the Great British Bake Off and it looked like a total nightmare; I can see a big pile of cream with bits of sponge and strawberries stuck in it coming on. I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive!

How to Make Commuting Fun

Film yourself driving home and then speed it up and add a banging house tune to it.

This is about 1/2 of my daily drive home – but as it was Friday it took about an hour as opposed to 30 mins. I was so bored I filmed the whole thing.

How else can you entertain yourself stuck in this kind of drudge?