Back to the Future King Style

Do you read as much as you used to? When I was younger (i.e. 15 rather than the 30, sorry 40, that I am now) I was a vociferous reader and my favourite author was Stephen King. This was back in the 1980s – I had a nice back catalogue waiting for me – Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, The Shining – to get through first, and then I read them as he published them – Christine Cujo, Pet Sematary, etc.

Then he published ‘It’ and it started going wrong. I mean 1100 pages and the bad guy is a giant spider? Come on! So my interest waned and off I went to University and forgot all about Mr King.

In fact the last thing I read of his for the next 20 plus years was Misery. Fast forward to the end of 2011 and I opened this Christmas gift:

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Kindle Update

Reading on the Kindle right now (or just finished):

  1. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (John le Carre). Should have read it before seeing the movie. It’s a lot easier. Although Gary Oldman remains the ‘man’. Can he really be the same guy who played Lee Harvey Oswald 20+ years ago? Continue reading