Tintin – Spielberg Pulls it Off!

A new film is out (in the UK at least) made by two of the most successful directors of all time  – Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is a motion-capture, 3-D film based on the timeless cartoon creation of Belgian comic-book artist Herge. And naturally, for a film that has brought to the silver screen something that has been read and loved by generations of kids (and adults), controversy has been aroused. So…is it any good?

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Alternate History – so much better than the real thing

For those of you out there bored with real history there is a solution – try alternate history. Basically alternate history takes a (usually well known) point in time and then rewrites what happened from then on. Its much more fun than the real thing.

For example, its well documented that the US ‘rescued’ German scientists at the end of WWII (Operation Paperclip), who were working on Nazi vengence weapons. These scientists, most famously Wernher von Braun, went on to build the backbone of the American space programme. But…what if the British had got there first?!

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Tintin – the end?

Tintin is shortly to hit the big screen. The reporter has, over the course of twenty-three adventures, taken us from the Soviet Union to South America, and over a period of five decades tackled everything from dictators to drug-runners, wars to aliens.

However some might feel short changed. His last adventure came to an ubrupt halt when his creator, Herge, died in 1983, leaving our hero in deadly peril in ‘Tintin and Alph-Art’.

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