End of Year Review

As it is the season of goodwill to all men (and women obviously) I thought it an opportune time to list all the things that have really annoyed me this year. But before I do I wanted to share (there, that’s one of my pet hates, people who ‘share’. It’s not sharing fool, it’s showing, or telling, or asking, or phoning, or emailing) this year’s festive centrepiece…


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I Went Christmas Shopping Today….

…and I found this:


I needed it when I got home. However I am done. I’ve got everything I need. Until I remember all the stuff I’ve forgotten – but what the hell there’s plenty of time…

A British Bacon Sandwich Saved My Life

I’m not exaggerating. Okay I am. But I did spend the entire morning on Friday Christmas shopping. Which happens to be in my Top 5 Hates of all time. So a quick stop at Tesco was in order (remember that’s the UK equivalent of Walmart and as their motto goes ‘If we don’t sell it….tough’.) where I picked up this little branding gem:

This pig got to run around in a field for a bit before it was turned into bacon

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