Lamb Pittas with Mint Yoghurt Sauce

The children were demanding burgers. But I am sick of making burgers and as I try not to repeat myself on this blog I thought we’d compromise. They could have burgers. But made with lamb rather than beef.

It can be quite hard to think of new things to make that are interesting enough to blog about and also edible enough that it doesn’t all go straight in the bin. Lamb Pittas are quite good as party food and different enough to qualify for bloggage.

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Chocolate Mousse with Double-dipped Mega Truffle

Isn’t chocolate a wonderful thing? I could start some rambling eulogy to its powers but instead I will just get right down to business – the creation of a boozy chocolate mousse and some accompanying chocolate truffles.

The diet coke is not required. And what’s the cherry liquer doing there – that bottle seems to be in everything we do on this blog

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Authentic Home-made Pizza for Cheats

We live in one of those places where there are more pizza take-aways than libraries.

Or schools.

Or Doctors, dentists, petrol stations, banks, bakeries, candelstick-makers and haberdasheries combined.

We get fliers through the door advertising pizza, and kebabs, curries, chinese, Thai, burgers, fried chicken and all other forms of crap and we buy none of it. Actually I like collecting these little pamphlets of death.

Anyway we decided we wanted pizza but despite the kids chanting ‘Dominoes’ over and over (okay so we may have picked up a flier in the past and given in to the ‘Buy One Get One Half Price – even though we charge you £15 for something that costs about £1 to create) – we decided home produced would be infinitely better than something delivered by a 50cc moped.

But we cheated:

For shame! ‘Tis the work of a slothly satan….

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Marbled Toffee Bars

So from the ridiculous to the sublime. After last week’s glorious cock up we decided to try something out that would give both culinary and visual pleasure. I’ve made millionaire’s shortbread before but haven’t actually made it with shortbread. Usually I just crush up biscuits for the base. But seeing how Conor recreated a risotto recipe recently I felt I could get away with a favourite ‘creation re-creation’ too.

Now there are only so many ways you can combine chocolate, fat, sugar and…more chocolate – and come up with something different. In the end it comes down to aesthetics – how nice can you make it look?

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‘A good blog has a theme’. That’s what WordPress says. This is supposed to be a food blog but it’s really quite difficult to come up with original food ideas that don’t a) require lots of expensive ingredients and b) require skills and patiences I don’t have (and don’t want) whilst c) keeping my BMI index below ‘super-fat-bastard-how-come-you’re-still-breathing’ levels.

So I have resorted to cooking things but not eating them. That’s easy enough because as my wife will tell you I have the willpower of an ox (do they have willpower?). I have also decided to explore dishes from yesteryear – simple things that your Granny would have made. Here we explore the delights of ‘Scouse’ a dish that was originally eaten by sailors across Northern Europe and lent its name to the locals of the port of Liverpool.

In every way it is effectively Irish Stew – and its dead easy, inoffensive even.

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