Around the World in 80 Beers Part 3 – Cough Syrup Ale

So I have committed myself to trying 80 different beers before I die. But to be honest beer is what beer does – its windy and gets a bit predictable. So I went off piste so to speak for this installment – and made a bit of a schoolboy error – I tried a ‘new beverage’ sitting proudly on display at our local off licence:

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Tintin – the end?

Tintin is shortly to hit the big screen. The reporter has, over the course of twenty-three adventures, taken us from the Soviet Union to South America, and over a period of five decades tackled everything from dictators to drug-runners, wars to aliens.

However some might feel short changed. His last adventure came to an ubrupt halt when his creator, Herge, died in 1983, leaving our hero in deadly peril in ‘Tintin and Alph-Art’.

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