Beer Butt Chicken

What with all this warm weather I thought it was time for BBQ-based creation. I’ve done many things on a BBQ (I can’t be horaced to spell out barbecue, oops just did it) all with mildy boring results (generally I find BBQ food to be like normal food only a bit more burnt).

But then I suddenly remembered from somewhere where someone stuck a can of beer up a chicken’s arse (or is it the neck? Never realy got to grips with which end was which with a plucked de-headed chicken) and decided I had to do that.

So I did.


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Super Healthy Low Calorie Chicken

Some may remember that I am actually on a diet. Difficult to believe given the amount of food I cook (and now eat – I tried not eating stuff I make but that’s actually more difficult than I thought it would be).

However I do still try to create things that are low fat and low carbs – here’s one such creation:


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What to cook when you roll in from the pub and you can’t see straight

Well it’s got to be quesadilla right. Of course. That’s assuming you didn’t accidentally fall into the local fried chicken joint on the way home and the kebab shop was shit I mean shut.

Questionable-biliousness, sorry I mean quesadilla, are the perfect post-pub food. No real concentration or skill is involved, you can put whatever you like in them (so long as you have tortillas to hand) and they taste great – I think.

The finished article served on an Ikea plastic plate to avoid accidents

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The Last Supper

Well not quite – I’ve got a few creations backed up. But on Monday the oven went. So did the hob. And the sink, the cupboards and the washing machine. It’s all gone. Yes, we’re getting the kitchen redone but in the meantime its all take-aways and what you can create with a microwave.

Anyway that’s all for another post at some point in the distant future. To commemorate the end of our old, and to be honest totally crappy, kitchen we made cheese stuffed chicken with a barbeque sauce. And the adventurous eater acted as head chef.

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Cheese ‘n’ Chicken Pancakes

Back in the day, I mean way back, I was a kid. Yes I was 12. And so it was at that ripe young age that I created my first proper culinary creation. Cheese ‘n’ Chicken Pancakes. I don’t remember the details but I do remember Ma in the background, making sure I didn’t ruin her pots and pans.

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