Office chocolate orgy – well kind of

Offices in this part of the world don’t need much of an excuse to have cake orgies. Leaving, starting, retiring, birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, you name it and the cakes come out and the tea is brewed.

So when VerdictfromtheMrs asked me to get a cake together for her office (the reason being a birthday) I jumped at the chance. I am trying to stay off cake so it was a good excuse for making one without being tempted to then stuff it.

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

What does baking conjure up in your mind? Fluffy, moist, sweet morsels of deliciousness? Or dry, burnt, deflated crumbs of despair?

Well I tend towards the latter but decided that, having gotten a bit bored of cooking lumps of flesh in various sauces, that I would return to the old nemesis – baking…

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