What’s the Point of ‘Liking’ WordPress Posts?

The obvious answer is because you like what you are reading, or looking at, but you can’t think of anything to comment about. You just want the blog owner to know you were there. Gives you a nice, warm fluffy feeling and it gives him or her a nice, warm fluffy feeling. Ah, bless, warm fluffy feelings all round.

Of course for the more focused, intense, driven blogger, there is another reason. You want the recipient, or any other visitors to the post you ‘liked’, to click on your ‘Gravatar’; your little picture or emblem that identifies you in the blogosphere (dreadful word, should have been taken out and shot).

But what happens when you click on a Gravatar? You get something like this:


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Revisiting a Woman’s Handbag

You may or may not know it, but there is a wicked little widget on your WordPress account that lists all the search terms people have entered en route to your blog.

900 people have found Happiness Stan using Google, Bing and whatnot. They’ve used search terms like ‘is london bigger than new york’ and ‘keep food and drink away from the computer’. But the most intriguing search terms I have seen relate to the Pandora’s Box that is the contents of a woman’s handbag:

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I won the lottery

Not really but I won the next best thing – Blog Awards!

I don’t know why but some people like reading the random posts found at Happinessstanliveshere. Well I do know but I pretend not to because that might jinx it.

So since it started Happinessstan has been awarded ‘The Versatile Blogger’ (by thesweetkitten and Languedoc Lady) and also the Liebster Blog by Nisha.

My humble thanks for apparently getting it!

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