Burgers in Brioche Buns

***Warning: this post contains evidence of a baking fail***

What a surprise. I don’t really get baking. Hot hands and a cold heart maybe.

Anyway, one thing I always liked about American restaurants and bars is that they serve up burgers in a brioche bap. Makes the whole burger thing that little more decandent.

Now in the UK you can get brioche loaves. You can get brioche finger rolls. You can get brioche with chocolate and brioche with jam. You can get things that are almost baps but they are called cholla (they even taste the same as brioche).

But for someone like me, suffering raging OCD, that will not do. I want brioche baps. So I decided to make my own. And that meant yeast. And that meant ‘oh dear’.

Brioche Compared

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Skirt Beef, Jack Daniels and Dumplings

Sometimes I feel my culinary repertoire is a bit limited. Every other dish I blog about is a lump of red meat, cooked for hours, in a thick sauce on a bed of mashed spuds. This creation is no exception, however along the way I learnt how to produce a clear stock (wow, gasp!).


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Slow Cooker Beef and Dumplings

Last week we had a family get together. Four generations, variously meat eating and vegetarian, to celebrate a birthday or two. The House of Happiness (for that is us) were tasked with bringing the meat-eaters’ dish.

Naturally I wanted to make something that was unambiguously meaty – no messing with foul or game – and nothing that could end up being tough or gristly. And absolutely no over-the-top spices or exotic additions that could surprise or horrify the more conservative palete.

So I plumbed for slow-cooker beef with dumplings served with a side of mashed potatoes – and lots and lots of it. In fact I had so many ingredients I had to go and get a great big massive pot to cook it in:

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What Have Cornish Pasties and Champagne Got in Common?

Well Cornwall will tell you only Cornwall produce real Cornish pasties. Just like people in Champagne would say the only place that produces real champagne is Champagne. All sounds a bit much to me. The European Union has a lot to answer for (just ask Conor) I mean it’s not like Pizza Hut is laying claim to the pizza. Or McDonalds the burger. Well it might be.

Anyway I am a pie boy. Meat and pastry. It’s not good for you and it rarely looks pretty but it always tastes good. Even when you cock it up. And when pastry comes into the equation I usually do. Cock it up that is. The last time I made pasties I made my own shortcrust pastry and they were so heavy I could have used them as bricks.

But Cornish Pasties are so simple I tried again. I mean there are only a few ingredients. How hard can it be?

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